UPS Technical Bulletin

Important Message Regarding Refrigerator Battery Backup & UPS Systems

AC Power UPS systems feature two types of power output: Simulated/Modified Sine Wave & Pure/True Sine Wave:

When viewed graphically this looks like so:




Any UPS fitted to a refrigerator must feature a Pure Sine Wave output. Usage of a UPS system with a simulated sine wave output on a refrigerator will result in a potential electrical failure and loss of warranty.

To check the output type for your chosen UPS System, please check the technical datasheet that accompanies the UPS unit for the following entry:


Rollex Medical NZ Strongly recommends providers do not use UPS units with a Simulated/Modified Sine wave output as this could cause potential electrical failure and fire hazards.

For further information or recommendations, please contact us on (09) 274-0707 or see our UPS flyer.

Rollex Medical (NZ) Ltd (“Rollex”) accept no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss of any kind including product or other costs associated with any failure of any equipment whatsoever other than our normal warranty on the equipment itself.