MATOS Wireless Monitoring (MWM)

Rollex Medical NZ proudly introduces our new exclusive MATOS Wireless Monitoring Kit (MWM) which can be retrofitted to any Refrigerator, Freezer, Cool-Room or Airspace in seconds.

Rollex Monitoring Unit

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How does the System Work?

    • Place the sensor tile anywhere inside your Refrigerator where you wish to monitor the temperature.
    • The Sensor transmits the data to the Base Station wirelessly.
    • The Base Station is connected to the Internet using
      an Ethernet cable and will pick up all transmitted data from the tile and upload it to our MATOS® Monitoring Azure Server.
  • You then have access to your full temperature records online, automatic reporting and SMS/Email alerts using our MATOS® Monitoring technology.

Providing the premium MATOS® Monitoring technology in a compact, easy to install solution:

Rollex Monitoring Unit

– Fully automatic online monitoring
– Requires an internet connection
– Sensors can be mounted straight onto any surface with easy adhesive strip
– Infinitely expandable
– Instant user alerts upon temperature breach
– Replaceable battery which lasts up to 18 months
– 30 days internal memory
– Cloud storage integrity guaranteed for at least ten years
– NZ, Australian & FCC Compliance
– Enjoy the range of MATOS Monitoring Features without an invasive installation
– Powerful yet simple reporting system
– Compatible with any existing MATOS Monitoring System products
– Up to 40 Wireless Sensors can be connected to a SINGLE Ethernet Base Station Receiver Unit!*

*Effective radio communication distance is 210m line of sight.

Standard MATOS® Monitoring terms and conditions apply. Extra charges may be applicable or excess sms alerts.

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