Temperature Monitoring & Data Logging

Rollex have been active in the Australasian market for the last decade and have historically marketed Medical Refrigeration and Monitoring Products predominately throughout the Medical field.

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Offline Logging Products



Provides the most cost effective, high performance environmental data logging system available for today’s market.


Web-based Products

Matos Wireless Monitoring System (MWM)

Matos Monitoring Unit

The Matos Wireless Monitoring System can be
retrofitted to any Refrigerator, Freezer, Cool-Room or Airspace in seconds.. 

This addition to the MATOS® Monitoring product range provides you with an easy to install solution with
no technical expertise required while still providing you with the proven temperature monitoring system
of choice using our MATOS® technology.

Matos Monitoring

Matos Monitoring Unit

The Matos Monitoring System is a sophisticated online temperature monitoring and alerting device with an Automatic Temperature Override System that can be wired into your refrigerator, freezer or cool room. It will keep detailed and accurate records of temperature history and will prevent the system from freezing/ overheating due to thermostat failure.


Control by Web


ControlByWeb products are high-end components for remote monitoring and control applications. Companies, organizations, and individuals use our products to monitor and control many different types of equipment and systems in real-time from any computer using a web browser.